URGENT!! Preserve Recreational Lands in Newcastle! Submissions needed!!!

A draft Local Planning Strategy (LPS) for Newcastle has been on exhibition at Newcastle City Council.

It is very worrying to read in Section 4.1.3 and also on pages 45 and 50 of the document that the LPS is suggesting that the zoning of recreational areas (land zoned RE1) with their proscribed uses might not be observed. To quote from the LPS “Ensure recreational use is not sterilized from its intended use by only permitting land use consistent with zone direction. “

It is vital to send a submission to the Council objecting to 4.1.3 2 of the LPS if we want to preserve our parklands for their intended use. Submissions closed on Friday but due to the storm conditions and power outages extensions are being given. Please ring Steven Masia on 4974200 at NCC. All submissions should be sent to the

The General Manager, The City of Newcastle

Attention: Steven Masia

PO Box 489

NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 or email: mail@ncc.nsw.gov.au

Here are some points you might make in your submission.

Clause 4.1.3 2 which has been inserted in the draft LPS should be removed. Ensure that recreational land is preserved for its intended use for the community.

The whole purpose of zoning is to create a template for planning to protect and ensure, in this case, that recreational land zoned RE1 is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Land zoned RE1 is a valuable asset, its protection is paramount and that needs to be written into the draft LEP.

If zone direction can be varied or ignored or assessed on a case by case basis it becomes too easily available for every lucrative entrepreneurial proposal that is put forward to be approved.

The uses allowed on RE1 land are already very broad and allow considerable scope and variety of use.

3   Permitted with consent

Boat launching ramps; Boat sheds; Camping grounds; Car parks; Caravan parks; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Child care centres; Community facilities; Emergency services facilities; Information and education facilities; Jetties; Kiosks; Marinas; Markets; Moorings; Passenger transport facilities; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (indoor); Recreation facilities (major); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Registered clubs: Respite day care centres; Restaurants or cafes; Roads; Water recreation structures.

With the increasing density proposed for our city, recreational areas become increasingly more important. The response to a recent State Government white paper on Crown Land was overwhelmingly against the use of CL for financial benefits. It established the importance that the community places on preserving public recreational land. The white paper was withdrawn.

For the full Draft Newcastle Local Planning Strategy (LPS ) click on the link below


Don’t forget to put your full name, address and phone number on your submission.